22 Aug 2020

Juliet PALMER: Foundry

From Music Alive, 9:04 pm on 22 August 2020

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Juliet Palmer

Juliet Palmer Photo: Supplied

Juliet Palmer writes:

“With the help of neighbours and a precarious arrangement of plywood and castors, we hauled an old cast iron bathtub from the back garden to the curb. Within hours it had vanished. Scooped up by scrap metal scavengers, the tub was on its way to a new life as … girder, park bench, pipe, rebar, nail, hammer … who knows?

“This piece is a musical foundry. My focus is on metal: sawn, hammered, melted, poured, moulded, cast, polished. The melodic material is based on pitch analyses of the sounds of drilling, hammering and sawing. I want to melt the material down to a metallic gleam.”

Performed by members of Auckland Chamber Orchestra conducted by Peter Scholes at a Composer Portrait concert devoted to the music of Juliet Palmer.

Luca Manghi, Melody Lin (flute, piccolo, alto flute), Donald Nicholls (clarinet, bass clarinet), Carl Wells (horn), Grant Sinclair (trombone), Miranda Adams (violin), Evgeny Lanchtchikov (double bass), Blas Gonzalez (piano, celeste)

Recorded by RNZ Concert, Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Auckland, 20 October 2019
Sound engineer: Adrian Hollay