20 Jun 2020

MOZART: Symphony No 36 in C K425, Linz

From Music Alive, 1:00 pm on 20 June 2020
Portrait of Mozart

Portrait of Mozart Photo: Barbara Krafft, Public Domain

This performance was recorded at ‘Amalia & Friends’ in Wellington, a series of concerts to celebrate the return of live music, and the important place it has in all our lives, after the Covid-19 lockdown. 

In some ways, these concerts approach the experience that Mozart’s original audiences would have enjoyed. Many of his works were performed in churches, or in cathedrals such as the one in Salzburg, where Mozart was employed. His music was written with these kind of spaces in mind, with the soft, rich resonance that high ceilings, wooden beams and ornate plasterwork provide. Other works were premièred in the private salons of his wealthy patrons, making them an intimate experience for small audiences who could observe the performers closely. Mozart would lead the performances from within the orchestra or as soloist, as Amalia Hall does here.

Mozart Symphony No 36 ‘Linz’

  • Adagio — Allegro spiritoso
  • Poco Adagio 
  • Menuetto 
  • Finale (Presto) 

This symphony was written in late 1783 on the way home from a visit to Salzburg, during which Mozart hoped to effect a reconciliation between himself and his father, who refused to accept Mozart's marriage to his wife Constanze. The strained atmosphere meant that the couple’s trip home must have been an enormous relief, especially when, on their way through Linz, they were given an enthusiastic welcome by Count Franz Joseph Thun. The Count urged Mozart to give a concert. Mozart had no symphony scores with him but he must have had this work fully outlined in his mind, for he wrote it in an outpouring of music over four or five days. Mozart conducted the first performance for his hosts, to great acclaim. (Notes: Erica Challis)

Recorded 20 June 2020 at St Andrew's on The Terrace, Wellington by RNZ Concert

Producer: David McCaw

Engineer: Darryl Stack