1 Apr 2020

VIDEO - NZSO: Play Our Part

From Music Alive, 7:30 pm on 1 April 2020

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra musicians play from their homes.


Ken Ichinose (Associate Principal Cello), Shana Douglas (guest violin)  

PAGANINI: Three Duetti Concertanti, MS 107 No 1 in Eb Major (I) 


Kirstin Eade (Associate Principal Flute) 

PIAZZOLLA: Tango-Etude No 3, Molto marcato e energico  

Tango-Etude No 3 by Astor Piazzolla © Editions Henry Lemoin 


Oleksandr Gunchenko (double bass) 

Frank PROTO: Sonata 1963 (1) 

The Sonata 1963 is Copyright 1963 and 1974 by Liben Music Publishers 


Leonard Sakofsky (Section Principal Percussion)  

John PSATHAS: Matre’s Dance 


David Bremner (Section Principal Trombone), Matthew Allison (Associate Principal Trombone), Shannon Pittaway (Principal Bass Trombone) 

Tomaso ALBINONI arr. Douglas Yeo: Trio Sonata in A minor Op 1 No 6


RNZ Concert will continue to bring beautiful live music to you, wherever you are while concert halls are closed and audiences staying at home. Music Alive gives you the best seat in the house.

“While most people must stay at home for the foreseeable future, they’ll still hunger for contact by other means. Music remains a vital force at this time. It can bring us together and lift our spirits. While NZSO players and staff players are at home they’ll still be active, as technology means we can still connect to make music and present it to the nation.” Peter Biggs, Interim CEO of NZSO.