14 Nov 2019

Salina FISHER: Murmuring Light

From Music Alive, 8:01 pm on 14 November 2019

The world premiere of a new work inspired by the flocking of birds.

Salina Fisher

Salina Fisher Photo: Hagen Hopkins

Salina Fisher is a young New Zealand composer and violinist whose work explores the musical traditions of Japan and New Zealand, with experiments in timbre and colour.

Of this new work she writes:

"In [design collective] Studio Drift’s interactive light installation 'Flylight', many delicate glass tubes light up in unpredictable swarm-like patterns. These patterns are based on the flock behaviour of birds, and are responsive to the viewer’s movement. While birds can symbolise individual freedom, in a murmuration they find safety in numbers, sensing each other’s direction and moving collectively. In 'Murmuring Light', I explore this delicate balance between the individual and the group. Through various musical parameters, the distinction between ‘individual’ and ‘group’ is heightened and blurred, in a continuous shift of light."

In May 2019, Fisher graduated from the Manhattan School of Music with a Master of Music in Composition and this work was her thesis. It won the Carl Kanter Award in Orchestral Composition.

Starling murmuration, Shell Bay, Studland

Starling murmuration, Shell Bay, Studland Photo: Tanya Hart CC2.0

Recorded by RNZ in Auckland Town Hall, 14 November 2019
Producer: Tim Dodd; Engineer: Adrian Hollay