5 Nov 2019

BEETHOVEN: Grosse Fugue Op 133

From Music Alive, 8:04 pm on 5 November 2019

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Performed by the Brodsky Quartet at their 'Fugues' concert for CMNZ, Auckland Concert Chamber, 13 May 2019.

Brodsky Quartet

Brodsky Quartet Photo: Duncan Elliot Matthews

Beethoven wrote this fugue originally as the final movement of his Bb Quartet Op 130.

The audience loved other movements of the quartet at the first performance but the fugue didn’t get a good hearing. He called them “Cattle!” “Asses!”.

But he was persuaded to replace it with another movement in Op 130 and this fugue was published by itself as Op 133.

Recorded by RNZ in the Concert Chamber of Auckland Town Hall, 13 May 2019
Producer: Tim Dodd; Engineer: Adrian Hollay