27 Feb 2019

ROSSINI: The Italian Girl in Algiers, Overture

From Music Alive, 7:30 pm on 27 February 2019

Rossini's 'The Italian Girl in Algiers' has been called 'the zaniest of all buffo operas'.

Gioacchino Rossini

Gioacchino Rossini Photo: Carjat, Public Domain

In the opera, the young Isabella confronts the blustering, brutish sexism of Mustafa the Bey and wins out with her clever tactics and wiley ways.

Rossini writes one of his characteristic overtures - designed to get the audience in a good mood, primed and ready for what was to follow. 

The opera's première in Venice in 1813 was one of Rossini's great successes.

Recorded 27 February 2019, Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington by RNZ Concert

Producer: David McCaw

Engineer: Graham Kennedy