9 Feb 2019


From Music Alive, 2:00 pm on 9 February 2019
Nikki Chooi

Nikki Chooi Photo: Supplied

For a programme called 'Violin Heaven' there's no better opening composer than Austrian-born Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962), a violin virtuoso known for writing some of the most famous violin pieces in the world.

Kreisler had quite a varied career, studying medicine and art for a time, and also serving in the Austrian army before resuming his tours and violin recitals.

He composed many original pieces that he himself performed and many in the style of other composers like Corelli and Beethoven. By keeping his pieces short he was able to work well with the recording technology of the time and many of his pieces became 'hit songs'.

'La Gitana' means 'The Gypsy' and the violin immediately shows us characteristic gypsy style and dance patterns.

Recorded in Nelson Centre of Musical Arts by RNZ

Sound engineer: Darryl Stack