16 Mar 2019

MENDELSSOHN: Organ Sonata No 2 in C minor

From Music Alive, 8:30 pm on 16 March 2019

Mendelssohn cannily marketed these organ pieces both ways: as 'voluntaries' for Sunday-to-Sunday church organists and as 'sonatas' for more high-minded musicians.

Performed by Thomas Gaynor at the organ of Auckland Town Hall

Organist Thomas Gaynor

Organist Thomas Gaynor Photo: Supplied

Mendelssohn originally intended his six sonatas, published in 1845, as a collection of individual movements – 'voluntaries' – but later organised them into groupings which he called Sonatas.

This likens them to the Bachian idea of a sonata – merely a suite of varying pieces linked by key, rather than a work written in the classical sonata form.

Recorded in Auckland Town Hall, 19 August 2018
Producer, Engineer: Tim Dodd