29 Jan 2019

Victoria KELLY: Sono

From Music Alive, 7:45 pm on 29 January 2019

Music inspired by the desire to sleep.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

Performed by NZTrio – Benjamin Baker (violin), Ashley Brown (cello), Stephen De Pledge (piano).

New Zealand composer Victoria Kelly

New Zealand composer Victoria Kelly Photo: Supplied

Victoria Kelly writes in her programme note:

“The idea for this piece began with the Portuguese word ‘sono’ which describes the desire to sleep in order to rejoin a dream. In my experience, it’s impossible to do this once you have woken.

The trio begins with an impassioned event which soon disappears, leaving the piano alone to dream about it.

A repeating piano note emerges and remains, representing the real world lingering in the background.

Around this note, the dreams wander in chords and gestures, deep breaths and ascending melodies.”

Recorded by RNZ Concert in Q Loft Theatre, 25 September 2018

Producer: Tim Dodd;

Engineer: Rangi Powick