16 Oct 2018

CHOPIN: Ballade No 2 in F Op 38

From Music Alive, 7:50 pm on 16 October 2018

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Played by Lixin Zhang at the 2018 Wallace International Piano Festival, 15 July 2018.

Lixin Zhang

Lixin Zhang Photo: Lewis Eady Charitable Trust

Of Chopin's four Ballades, this is perhaps the least often played.

Fun fact about this piece: it’s nominally in F major, the key of the gently lilting opening theme, but soon we get a tormented second theme – presto con fuoco (very fast with fire) – in A minor. And it’s actually the key of A minor that dominates and ends the piece.

It's a piece that Chopin wrote partially during a rather unhappy vacation with George Sand in Majorca in the Mediterranean.

And it’s a piece that Lixin took back to Majorca in 2017 when he played it at a recital at the Deià International Music Festival there as part of a performance of all four of the Ballades by Chopin.


Recorded by RNZ Concert, 15 July 2018
Engineer and producer: Tim Dodd