23 Jan 2018

Leonie Holmes: Dance of the Wintersmith

From Music Alive, 7:01 pm on 23 January 2018
Leonie Holmes

Leonie Holmes Photo: Gareth Watkins / Lilburn Trust / Wallace Arts Trust

Auckland composer Leonie Holmes's new work for violin and piano 'Dance of the Wintersmith' is inspired by the book of the same name by fantasy writer Terry Pratchett.

In the book a girl is training to become a witch and gets taken into the forest where she witnesses a Morris dance by otherworldly men and the wintersmith himself, who is the bringer of winter.

The girl is swept up in the dance and feels like she has to join in.

The piece is in three parts: Prologue, Dance, Epilogue.

Recorded in the University of Auckland Music Theatre, 29 September 2017.

Engineer: Adrian Hollay