31 Oct 2017

Claire COWAN: Ultraviolet

From Music Alive, 7:00 pm on 31 October 2017

“I learned that the mantis shrimp (which is the most lusciously hued crustaecean in the world) can see more colours than any creature on earth." (Claire Cowan)

"Ultra Violet vision (at one far end of the colour spectrum) is only known to a few humans on earth. But many birds and insects possess this quality.  It is innate to their survival and navigation systems.

The piece explores my continued fascination with the seemingly simple yet endlessly complex, through the growth and development of a single musical statement. What does it need to survive? How must it adapt to move forward? How will it change colour and mood with the simple addition of a non-related pitch? 

I think of myself as a bird, navigating through a musical landscape guided by intuition, and on a journey to create and discover colours beyond the edges of our visible spectrum.”