3 Feb 2017

'Fa' - Gao Ping - Feng Zheng

From Music Alive, 8:30 pm on 3 February 2017

The Chinese invented the kite. Being made of paper and resembling the shape of a hawk, it was originally called “the paper hawk”. In ancient times a bamboo tube was installed at the tail of the kite making a Zheng-like sound when wind passed through it – and it became known as ‘Feng Zheng’ (Wind Zheng).

Kites used to be flown often in the Qingming festival – a time when the Chinese pay respect to their deceased, and kites carry their best wishes to the dead. Composer Gao Ping says ”My wind zheng is dedicated to a dear friend who is no longer with us, Jack Body - the great New Zealand composer. I have entrusted my emotions for Jack to the wings and sounds of the kite. A musical motive made of Jack’s name appears in the beginning and the end of the piece. Is it possible that Jack would meet my free drifting kite somewhere?”