26 Aug 2016

BBC Proms: David Bowie tribute

From Music Alive, 12:00 pm on 26 August 2016

One of the most talked-about BBC Proms this year is the tribute to David Bowie. RNZ has exclusive rights to broadcast this concert in New Zealand.

You can listen to the BBC Proms: Davie Bowie tribute at 7pm, Friday 26th August 2016 only on RNZ Concert.

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“…this richly imaginative, bold, thoughtful, daring and emotional night amply demonstrated that Bowie fully deserves to be considered an all-time great from any perspective.” - The Telegraph.

The Late Night Proms concert features Berlin-based musicians’ collective s t a r g a z e, alongside a constellation of musical stars including Laura Mvula, Amanda Palmer, John Cale and Marc Almond and composers including Jherek Bischoff, Anna Meredith and Greg Saunier.

This remarkable concert was held nearly 10 years after the late David Bowie made his only Royal Albert Hall performance, and his final ever UK performance. On 29 May 2006, Bowie was invited onto the stage as the special guest of David Gilmour to sing the Pink Floyd classics 'Arnold Layne' and 'Comfortably Numb'. Six months after his death, the star’s own music was finally celebrated at the iconic venue as part of the BBC Proms.

"David Bowie is such a reminder, as a musician, that life is so short. You only have this span of time to do whatever you want - so why not try the bizarre, and why not venture way outside the predictable, and why not follow your impulses?" Amanda Palmer

From instrumental rearrangements of 'Warszawa' and 'Let’s Dance', and 'Space Oddity' with a gospel choir, to the haunting performance of 'Always Crashing in the Same Car' by countertenor Philippe Jarrousky and an injection of grime into 'This is Not America', the musicians, composers and singers pushed the boundaries of Bowie further than ever before.

Here, French counter tenor Philippe Jarousky "… with the tone of an angel and the virtuosity of the devil…” , who was awarded 'Best Singer of the Year' at the Echo Classic Awards, 2008; takes on 'Always Crashing in the Same Car':

Recorded in Royal Albert Hall, London by the BBC on 29 July 2016