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8.00pm Wellington Chamber Music Trust – NZTrio 'InterFusions'

NZTrio’s 2020 concert series offers an inspiring exploration of ancestry, diversity and heritage. Each concert begins with a powerful masterwork from Beethoven in a toast to his enduring influence on our European music traditions. Then they swerve off towards more exotic realms representing a kaleidoscope of geographical, cultural and religious influences.

NZTrio - Somi Kim, Amalia Hall, Ashley Brown

NZTrio - Somi Kim, Amalia Hall, Ashley Brown Photo: Tai Nelson/NZTrio


BEETHOVEN: Piano Trio No 3 in C minor Op 1 No 3
HATZIS: Old photographs
Salina FISHER: Kintsugi (première)
Dinuk WIJERATNE: Love Triangle
RAVEL: Piano Trio in A minor

Some of the best food in the world comes when cuisines from different nations collide… Pad Thai Tacos, Sushi Pizza, Kimchi Quesadillas...what’s not to love.

But in music those national collisions can delve much deeper than a tasty treat...they allow composers to explore the cultural mosaics that connect them to their heritage.

This concert comes to us from the Wellington Chamber Music Society, who invited the NZTrio to perform in their series at St. Andrew’s on The Terrace. NZTrio, who make their home in Auckland, were only just allowed to travel after the second Covid 19 lockdown.

NZTrio brought with them music by composers of diverse heritage which gives us a chance to hear how multiple cultures can influence classical music. 

They perform Ravel’s only piano instant masterpiece that drew on the French composer’s Basque roots.  There’s music by two Canadians, a student and a teacher, each with their own diverse cultural backgrounds.

And NZTrio commissioned a brand new work by New Zealand composer Salina Fisher who explores her own Japanese heritage and makes beauty from shattered objects.

Also, this being the year of Beethoven’s 250th anniversary, NZTrio have brought us his music in the form of one of his first published works, the Piano Trio in C minor, Op 1 No 3.

Recorded by RNZ Concert, St Andrew's-on-the-Terrace, 27 September 2020