Wellington Jazz Festival 2017 - Black String and The Jac

This powerful night of in-the-moment magic melds Black String’s electrifying and explosive play on Korean musical traditions with the cinematic sound of these award-winning New Zealand talents.

Black String Quartet: Yoon Jeung Heo (geomungo/Korean zither),  Aram Lee (daegeum/bamboo flute),  Jean Oh (electric guitar) and Min Wang Hwang (janggu/Korean drum)
The Jac: Lex French (trumpet),  Jake Baxendale (alto saxophone),  Chris Buckland (tenor saxophone),  Matthew Allison (trombone),  Callum Allardice (guitar),  Nick Tipping (bass),  Daniel Millward (piano) and Shaun Anderson (drums)

Recorded in the Opera House, Wellington by RNZ