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Adam Chamber Music Festival 2017 - Bach By Candlelight

Monique Lapins performs Bach's Violin Concerto in A

Monique Lapins performs Bach's Violin Concerto in A Photo: Adam Chamber Music Festival

'Bach by Candlelight' in Nelson Cathedral is a regular event at the Adam Chamber Music Festival. There's been a candlelit Bach concert at every festival since 2009. So it's become a well-loved and much anticipated event now.

In this 2017 incarnation, the main feature is a sequence of tenor arias from various cantatas. For these, the soloist is Australian tenor Andrew Goodwin.

Also the newish member of the New Zealand String Quartet Monique Lapins takes the soloist role in the Violin Concerto in A minor; Ian Rosenbaum gives us the fifth Cello Suite in an unusual form … transcribed onto his instrument, the marimba. And the concert ends with the Brandenburg Concerto No 6.