NZ Barok

NZ Barok Photo: NZ Barok

A concert by early music specialists based in Auckland, NZ Barok. It was recorded in St Luke's Church, Remuera in November 2016.

They called the concert "Galant Delights" and the ensemble is directed by Australian violinist Rachael Beesley

The term "Galant" refers to a simpler, lighter style of music that became fashionable around the mid-18th century, partly in reaction to the high baroque style (of Bach, say), which had become quite complex by that time. Polyphony was used less; melodies were more song-like; the accompaniments were lighter. Elegance was paramount. It's a transition style on the way to the true classical era of Haydn and Mozart.

Voltaire wrote, "Being galant, in general, means seeking to please".

The two halves of the concert follow the same outline … a lively overture is followed by two concerti grossi and a concluding chaconne. The composers represented are some of the greatest of the period from Italy, France and the Netherlands.