Michael Houstoun (piano)

Michael Houstoun

Michael Houstoun Photo: Supplied

“It’s a remarkable thing for me to play these sonatas again, and it was a remarkable thing the first time around. I think I measured myself with that then, and I’ll be measuring myself with it again now. This time it’s a different experience, because I’m older, and music is a whole different world for me than it was 20 years ago. I think I’m a more natural musician than I was before. I’m much more relaxed, and more in tune with the sonorities of the instrument.” Michael Houstoun

We are onto our second programme of the Beethoven ReCYCLE concert series. In tonight’s programme pianist Michael Houstoun performs five Piano Sonatas Nos. 9, 6, 11,17, 28 and the last two movements of No. 21 Waldstein.

Recorded live at the Auckland Concert Chamber by RNZ Concert