"I would say at the end of the day, it's a programme that's adventurous, and it has complexity. What I mean by complexity is how many dimensions you hear when you're sitting in the audience," Jonathan Stockhammer, this concert's conductor and curator. It's part of Cologne's 2015 Eight Bridges Festival.

Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge

Cologne Cathedral & the Hohenzollern Bridge

Deutsche Welle Festival

(9) Eight Bridges Festival for New Music in Cologne

Thorsten Johannsen, Andreas Langenbuch (cls), 8 music academy clarinet students, Tamara Stefanovich (pno), West German Radio SO, Cologne/Jonathan Stockhammer

ADAMS: Short Ride in a Fast Machine; GANDER: Orchannibal corpse; REICH: New York Counterpoint for eleven clarinets; ABRAHAMSEN: Piano Concerto; ZAPPA arr Digby: Four Pieces for solo drummer & orchestra, Aerobics in Bondage; Navanax; Naval Aviation in Art?; Put a Motor in Yourself; LIGETI: San Francisco Polyphony (recorded in the Philharmonie, Cologne by West German Radio/WFMT)