17 Jan 2015

Chick Corea - Band Leader

From Jazz on Concert, 1:00 pm on 17 January 2015

vigil group bwProgramme 3 - Band Leader

Pianist and composer Chick Corea has been leading bands since the late 1960s and, reflecting Corea’s own very eclectic musical journey, those groups have covered an impressively diverse range of musical bases. Norman Meehan plays us music from the Elektric Band, the Akoustic Band, Return to Forever and his latest group The Vigil.

Image: Chick Corea & The Vigil. Photo: Chick Corea Productions

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Music Details

COREA: North Africa, from The Ultimate Adventure - Chick Corea (pno) (Stretch SCD 9045)
COREA: Sometime Ago - Return to Forever (ECM 1022)
COREA: The Romantic Warrior, from Romantic Warrior - Chick Corea (pno) (Columbia 88319)
COREA: Do you Ever, from Musimagic - Chick Corea (pno) (Columbia 88319)
COREA: Side Walk - Elektric Band (GRP GRD 9535)
COREA: Got a Match? - Elektric Band (GRP GRD 9535)
COREA: Morning Sprite - Chick Corea (pno) (GRP GR-9627)
COREA: Dreamless, from Origin, Live at the Blue Note - Chick Corea (pno) (Stretch SCD 9018)
COREA: The Disguise - Five Peace Band (Concord 31397)
COREA: Portals to Forever - Chick Corea (pno) (Stretch CJA 34578)