14 Dec 2019

Sun Ra: Jazz in Silhouette

From Inside Out, 5:00 pm on 14 December 2019
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Photo: Waxtime


Sun Ra and his Arkestra are best known for their avant-garde explorations into Afro-futurism, but before they went in that direction they were a tight traditional big band, with a sound somewhere between Charles Mingus and the Duke Ellington Orchestra. In this show, Nick Tipping checks out their 1959 album Jazz in Silhouette.

"Jazz in Silhouette stands as an overlooked masterpiece, a work that shows Ra not as a mere curiosity or backwater galaxy, but as a major creative force in the jazz universe, a center of gravity around which many of jazz's major developments have orbited. This album simply inspires, no matter what perspective you adopt: rhythm, melody, ensemble or mood...Jazz in Silhouette shows Ra doing what he did like few others: looking at the past, present and future simultaneously while maintaining a unified musical direction...what results is a captivating set of music that not only firmly establishes Ra in the jazz tradition, but actually puts him on its leading edge, pointing the direction forward." - Mathew Wuethrich, allaboutjazz.com



# Artist: Song: Composer: Album Label: Duration:
1 Freddie Hubbard Blues for Brenda Hubbard Goin' Up Bluenote 06:59
2 Sun Ra & His Arkestra Enlightenment Hobart Dotson, Ra Jazz In Silhouette Impulse! 05:02
3 Sun Ra & His Arkestra Saturn Ra Jazz In Silhouette Impulse! 03:37
4 Sun Ra & His Arkestra Velvet Ra Jazz In Silhouette Impulse! 03:18
5 Sun Ra & His Arkestra Ancient Aiethopia Ra Jazz In Silhouette Impulse! 09:04
6 Charmaine Ford / Nick Tipping / Richard Wise After the Last Dance Ford / Tipping After the Last Dance Ford Motion 05:19
7 Sun Ra & His Arkestra Hours After Ra, Everett Turner Jazz In Silhouette Impulse! 03:41
8 Sun Ra & His Arkestra Horoscope Ra Jazz In Silhouette Impulse! 03:43
9 Sun Ra & His Arkestra Images Ra Jazz In Silhouette Impulse! 03:48
10 Sun Ra & His Arkestra Blues at Midnight Ra Jazz In Silhouette Impulse! 11:56