20 Jan 2017

How Hybrid? (Part 5) - Ukuleles

From Summer Sonic, 12:00 pm on 20 January 2017
Megan Collins holding a rabab, used in West Sumatra to accompany migration stories

Megan Collins holding a rabab, used in West Sumatra to accompany migration stories Photo: Erlinawati Graham/The Jakarta Post

Small and easy to play, the ukulele has become the new recorder. Kiwi children and adults alike have recently re-discovered a secret that our Pacific neighbours have known for years. Megan Collins looks at the ukulele, from its early years in Hawaii to its establishment on every island including the North, South and Stewart atolls.

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Music Details:

(Part 5) Ukuleles

MCDOUGALL:  I love you, Raylene -Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (UKE005)

CHANTRE/NEVES:  Nhe Peadade -Rufino Almeida (canaquinho) (Lusafrica 562432)

ESTEIREIRO:  Manhã Esperituosa - Vitor (braginha) (private recording)

D.R.:  Takirikusunchis, from Bolivia - Alpamayo (ARC EUCD 1857)

KEKUPUOHI            :  Kai Maia o Ka Maoli -Helen Louise & Frank Ferer’s Hawaiians (Proper Box 140)

UNKNOWN:  Masters are Gone - Sir Valentino con Combo Esclavos Alegres (Soundway SNDW CD 018)

KAEHU/ NOBLE:  E mama ea - Madame Reviere’s Hawaiians (Proper Box 140)

OHTA:  The Spirit of Love - Herb Ohta (Lele LMPCD 1005)

NIPU:  531 Pi Moonshine Show - Poe-parau String Band (Vaimutu SVACD 027)

UNKNOWN:  Hurihuri/ Tapapa Mai - Ana Hato, Deane Waritini (Kiwi CD SLC 242)

TRAD:  He Puru Tai Tama - Inia Te Wiata (bass), Peter Cowan (gtr), Robin Ruakere (ukulele), The New Zealand Maori Theatre Chorus( Kiwi SLC 225)

PAICH/ PORCARO:  Africa - Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (private recording)

STONEY BOYS:  Children's Day - Stoney Boys (Stoney Boys 006)

STONEY BOYS:  New Millenium - Stoney Boys (Stoney Boys 006)

TRAD:  Lak String Band (private recording)

TRAD:  Lak String Band (private recording)

ZAELANI:  Midnight cry - Netty (vocals), Orkes Krontjong Asli Studio Jakarta/ Achmad Zaelani (Tradisom VS06)