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Kronos Quartet - Rainbow

Central Asian sounds

Mugham is the traditional classical music of Azerbaijan, and in Global Sounds today we feature some of the current stars of the genre. As well, there's a collaboration between America's premiere new music quartet Kronos, and leading Afghan rubab player Homayun Sakhi (Smithsonian 740527)

Music details
Trad: Evleri Var Khana-Khana & Mugham Segah - Miralam Miralamov (Songlines promo (July 2013))
Trad: Mugham Shur - Elnur Mikayilov (Songlines promo (July 2013))
Trad: Jeyran (Deer) - Fargana Qasimova (Songlines promo (July 2013))
Trad: Mugham Zamin-khara and Tasnif - Shirzad Fataliyev (Songlines promo (July 2013))
Homayun Sakhi: Rangin Kaman - Homayun Sakhi (rubab), Kronos Quartet, Salar Nader (percussion) (Smithsonian 740527)