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World music at the Auckland Arts Festival

BreabachIn today's programme you can hear some of the artists performing at this year's Auckland Arts Festival, which opens on 4th March. We've music from Scottish band Breabach who boast not one but two bagpipes in their lineup, Spanish guitarist Jairo Zavala (aka DePedro), and Irish music 'supergroup' The Gloaming


Jairo Zavala



Music details
TRAD: Proud to Play a Pipe - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
TRAD/ MACKENZIE: Hi Ho Ro Tha Mi Duilich - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
KATZ/ TRAD: Bowmore Fair - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
ZAVALA: De como empezamos - DePedro (Warner 645396)
BARROS: El pescador - DePedro (Warner 645396)
ZAVALA: Cuando te despiertes - DePedro (Warner 645396)
ZAVALA: Hombre bueno - DePedro (Real World 800208)
THE GLOAMING: Song 44 - The Gloaming (Real World 800208)
TRAD ARR THE GLOAMING: The girl who broke my heart - The Gloaming (Real World 800208)
TRAD ARR THE GLOAMING: Opening Set - The Gloaming (Real World 800208)