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Euroradio Folk FestivalEuroradio Folk Festival 2014

The 35th festival was held in Rättvik in Sweden this year, and among the performers was one of the country's leading folk musicians,
Lena Willemark. We'll hear her concert in Global Sounds today (EBU)


Lena Willemark and band
Leo Svensson Sander (cello), Tina Quartey (percussion), Livet Nord (fiddle), Lena Willemark (vocals, fiddle), Mia Marin (fiddle), Mikael Marin (fiddle)

Music details:

Blåferdi [The blue journey]
Swart [Black]
Du so oller glemmd åv [You, forgotten by all]
Edh byres snart [It begins soon]
Immiln blaunk / Plska after Tommos Anders
Dieg Anders / Mjolnarpolskan
Hoppets dörr
Ra weg