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Rough Guide Arabic RevolutionThe Rough Guide to Arabic Revolution

During the Arab Spring, as protestors flooded the streets in protest against the ruling elite, it was music that galvanised their spirit and communicated their message out loud. Powerful chants, soaring traditional melodies and articulate hip-hop radiated throughout the revolutions. This Rough Guide charts the best underground tunes by artists including El Tanbura, Emel Mathlouthi Yusuf and Ramy Essam (World Music 331295)


Music details
ESSAM: Taty Taty - Ramy Essam (World Music 331295)
MATHLOUTHI: Ya Tounes Ya Meskina - Emel Mathlouthi (World Village 260069)
MATHLOUTHI: Kelmti Horra - Emel Mathlouthi (World Music 331295)
TRAD: Heela Heela - El Tanbura (World Music 331295)
ESSAM: 8 April - Ramy Essam (World Music 331295)
ESSAM: Etma3zam - Ramy Essam (World Music 331295)
BEN AMOR: State of the nation - EL GENERAL (World Music 331295)
MATAR: Metlak Mesh 3ayzin - MAY MATAR (World Music 331295)
ABUREDWAN: Kafkef Domouak - The Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music (World Music 331295)
ABUREDWAN: Rahil - Ramzi Aburedwan & Ensemble Dal’Ouna (World Music 331295)
ABUREDWAN: Et Nous, Nous Aimons La Vie - Ramzi Aburedwan & Ensemble Dal’Ouna (World Music 331295)