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Urlar BreabachÙrlar – Breabach

Music from Scottish folk group Breabach in today’s Global Sounds. Best Band nominees in the 2014 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, the group recently performed to enthusiastic audiences at WOMAD Taranaki. We’ll hear music from their latest album, Ùrlar (Breabach 901019)


Music details

TRAD/ HARDIE/ MACCRIMMON/ JOHNSTONE: The Poetic Milkman - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
TRAD/ MACKENZIE: Hi Ho Ro Tha Mi Duilich - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
TRAD: Proud to Play a Pipe - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
LINDSAY: Forvie Sands - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
TRAD: Bha Mise Raoir Air an Àirigh - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
CHISHOLM: Farley Bridge - Breabach (Breabach 420015)
KATZ/ TRAD: Bowmore Fair - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
ROBERTSON/ MACCRIMMON: The Seven Men of Knoydart - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
HENDERSON/ MACCRIMMON: Monday Night at Riccardo's - Breabach (Breabach 901019)
TRAD/ MACKENZIE: M'eudail M'eudail - Breabach (Breabach 420015)
MACCRIMMON/ MACKENZIE/ MACLEOD: The Old Hill - Breabach (Breabach 901019)