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LaisDouce Victime - Lais
Lais is a trio of young female singers from the Flemish town of Kalmthout. The group’s name means ‘voice’; it also refers to medieval erotic songs, and was the name of a Corinthian courtesan of the 4th century BC. Their album Douce Victime is an assortment of a capella and accompanied songs characterised by polyphonic close harmony (EMI 5 78401)


Accordion TribeLunghorn Twist - Accordion Tribe
In the mid-‘90s, five of the world’s finest accordionists came together in Belgium to form the international accordion ensemble, Accordion Tribe. Lunghorn Twist is the group’s third album, a collection of contemporary compositions that draws on traditional music for its inspiration (Intuition INT 3389 2)


Music details:

KALANIEMI: Heimo - Accordion Tribe (Intuition INT 3389)
KLUCEVSEK: Waltz for Sandy - Accordion Tribe (Intuition INT 3389)
HOLLMER: Pompen - Accordion Tribe (Intuition INT 3389)
LECHNER: Zirkelreise - Accordion Tribe (Intuition INT 3389)
BIBIČ: Encore Deux W - Accordion Tribe (Intuition INT 3389)
TRAD arr KALANIEMI: Tuudittele - Accordion Tribe (Intuition INT 3389)
BREL: Marieke - Lais (EMI 578401)
TRAD: Rinaldo - Lais (EMI 578401)
TRAD: The Three Maidens - Lais (EMI 578401)
TRAD: Dormez, dormez - Lais (EMI 578401)
TRAD: Hymne - Lais (EMI 578401)
TRAD: Jasio u pana - Lais (EMI 578401)
TRAD: Marie-Madeleine - Lais (EMI 578401)
KLUCEVSEK: O’O - Accordion Tribe (Intuition INT 3389)
BIBIČ: Encore Un W - Accordion Tribe (Intuition INT 3389)