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Highlights from 2012

The first of two programmes of highlights from Global Sounds 2012. In this programme we feature some of world music’s woman artists: Italian folk duo Trobairitz d’Oc performs Occitan songs, Indian-Canadian singer Kieran Ahluwalia blends her music with desert blues band Tinariwen, and Abigail Washburn gives bluegrass a Chinese twist


Music details:

Trobairitz d OcLo Mau d’Amor – Trobairitz d’Oc, Claudio Carboni (Felmay 168180)

La femme d’un tambour (Trad)

Lo mau d’amor (Trad)

Serpol (Paolo Lombardo / Sergio Berardo)

L’aiga de roca (Trad)



Kiran AhluwaliaCommon Ground – Kiran Ahluwalia (MAPL 391425)

Mustt Mustt feat. Tinariwen (Trad)

Rabba Ru (Ahluwalia)

Yaar Nal (Ahluwalia / Bhaur)



Abigail Washburn Sparrow QuartetAbigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet (Nettwerk 307922)

Kangding Qingge (Trad / Fleck)

A Kazakh Melody (Trad arr Mu’er & the Sparrow Quartet)

Captain (Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet)

Journey Home (Washburn / Jingli Jirca)



Rough Guide to Paris CafeThe Rough Guide to Paris Café (World Music RGNET 1240)

Boyaux de Paris – Michele Bernard