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Hear the World

Radio Netherlands WorldwideThree programmes from Hear the World, a Radio Netherlands series of live recordings made at Dutch world music venues.

(1) In today’s programme, host Dheera Sujan introduces music from the Festival Mundial in Tilburg and the Hertme Afrika Festival, with Staff Benda Bilili, Merdan Taplak, Mdunga and 4 Etoiles (Radio Netherlands Worldwide 2011)


Music details:

Pass on the whiskey (Merdan Taplak)

Bander Bounce (Merdan Taplak)

Kuluna (Staff Benda Bilili)

Staff Benda Bilili (Staff Benda Bilili)

Boolow Gambia (Mdungu)

Nini (4 Etoiles)

Kamale (4 Etoiles)