18 Sep 2011

Blue Smoke: Kiwi Rhythm Calls

From Blue Smoke, 7:00 pm on 18 September 2011

From left: Ken Avery, William Clouson, Rex Franklin, Val Murphy and Willow Macky.

It’s often said that the early years of New Zealand pop recording were dominated by local artists doing cover versions of overseas hits. In this episode of Blue Smoke, Chris Bourke looks at the original pop songs written in the late 50s and early 60s.

This audio is not downloadable due to copyright restrictions.

Among the writers and performers featured are Sam Freedman, Ken Avery, Jay Epae, Rex Franklin Val Murphy, Willow Macky and Pat Neho. 

Music Details: Where The Kiwi Rhythm Calls

Track: Panogi
Artist: the Panthers
Album: Early Rock'n'Roll from New Zealand, vol 11 & 12
Composer: Warren Wenlock
Label: Collector CLCD7758/A/B

Track: On the Ball
Artist: Henry Rudolph's Harmony Serenaders
78rpm disc
Composer: Ted Secker
Label: Tanza Z30

Track: Slow One
Artist: Max Merritt & the Meteors
45rpm disc
Composer: Max Meritt
Label: HMV HR180

Track: Maori Land
Artist: Pixie Williams
Album: For the Record: the Pixie Williams Collection
Composer: Sam Freedman
Label: Blue Smoke Records/Ode

Track: Rinso advertisement in Maori, 1964
Artist: unknown
Source: RNZ Sound Archives, ID# 21020

Track: Europa advertisement 1950s
Artist: perhaps Tony Noorts
Source: RNZ Sound Archives, ID# 22098

Track: Tumbleweed Boogie
Artist: the Tumbleweeds
Album: Early Rock'n'Roll from New Zealand, vol 9 & 10
Composer: Cole Wilson
Label: Collector CLCD7757/A/B

Track: Haka Boogie
Artist: Morgan Clarke/Barry Slot
Composer: Lee Westbrook
Source: private collection

Track: Resuscitation Rock
Artist: Sandy Tansley
45rpm single
Composer: Sandy Tansley
Label: Parlophone

Artist: Sandy Tansley interview by Sarah McMullan, 2007
Source: Music 101 archives, Radio NZ, Wellington

Track: Johnny Cooper interview by Caitlin Cherry
Source: RNZ music archive, Wellington

Track: Pie Cart Rock'n'Roll
Artist: Johnny Cooper
Album: Pie Cart Rock'n'Roll
Composer: Johnny Cooper
Label: Zerox DZERO2

Track: Hard to Get
Artist: Johnny Devlin
Album: How Would Ya Be
Composer: Johnny Devlin
Label: Ode CDMANU2047

Track: Listen to the Beating of My Heart
Artist: Vince Callaher
45rpm single
Composer: Gene O'Leary
Label: Prestige PSP134

Track: Four City Rock
Artist: Peter Lewis and the Trisonic
Album: Pie Cart Rock'n'Roll
Composer: Pat Nihonihoni & Jack Urlwin
Label: Zerox DZERO2

Track: Mountain Greenery
Artist: Stuart Wigfield
Album: Private Party - Guests Only (Various Artists)
Composer: Rodgers-Hart
Label: Kiwi SLC35

Track: Tea at Te Kuiti
Artist: Ash Burton and the Nightcaps
45rpm single
Composer: Ken Avery
Label: Kiwi

Track: Ken Avery interview, 1983
Source: RNZ Sound Archives, T2787

Track: Experiment in Terror
Artist: the Embers
Album: The Embers
Composer: Unknown
Label: Viking VP113

Track: Hello Jenny Lee
Artist: Tony and the Initials
Album: Early Rock'n'Roll from New Zealand, vol 9 & 10
Composer: Tony Eagleton
Label: Collector CLCD7765/A/B

Track: What Can I Do
Artist: Jay Epae
Album: Early Rock'n'Roll from New Zealand, vol 9 & 10
Composer: Jay Epae
Label: Collector CLCD7765/A/B

Track: Psycho
Artist: the Saints
Album: Early Rock'n'Roll from New Zealand, vol 3 & 4
Composer: Pat Neho
Label: Collector CLCD7754/A/B

Track: Come Back My Love
Artist: the Satellites
Album: Early Rock'n'Roll from New Zealand, vol 13 & 14
Composer: Ivor Fisher/Satellites
Label: Collector CLCD7759/A/B

Track: Ali Baba
Artist: the Satellites
Album: Early Rock'n'Roll from New Zealand, vol 11 & 12
Composer: the Satellites
Label: Collector CLCD7758/A/B

Track: Hashhish
Artist: the Pic-tones
Album: Early Rock'n'Roll from New Zealand, vol 13 & 14
Composer: Clarke
Label: Collector CLCD7759/A/B

Track: Soft Surfie
Artist: Max Merritt and the Meteors
Album: Early Rock'n'Roll from New Zealand, vol 8 & 7
Composer: Max Merritt
Label: Collector CLCD7756/A/B

Track: Mary Seddon interview by Jerome Cvitanovich, 1993
Source: Spectrum 793, RNZ Archive, Wellington

Track: Coffee Bar Blues
Artist: Peter Cape
EP: She'll Be Right
Composer: Peter Cape
Label: Kiwi EA54

Track: Serenade to a Small Guitar (La Playa)
Artist: Graeme Bartlett Combo
45rpm disc
Label: Zodiac Z1190

Track: Manawatu
Artist: William Clauson
EP: Be Japers! Manawatu
Composer: Willow Macky
Label: HMV 7EGM6010

Track: Aotearoa
Artist: the Yeoman
45rpm single
Composer: Brian Borland
Label: Viking

Track: Brown Bread
Artist: Val Murphy
Album: Folk Concert Down Under
Composer: Val Murphy
Label: HMV MCLP6205

Track: Serenading in the Evening
Artist: Rex Franklin
Album: A Real New Zealand Cowboy Song
Composer: Rex Franklin
Label: Bear Family 716228

Track: Cedars of Lebanon
Artist: the Kiwis Four
45rpm disc
Composer: Rahbani Brothers
Label: HMV EA4628

Track: I Love the Land
Artist: Garner Wayne and the Deaconaires
45rp disc
Composer: Garner Wayne
Label: Viking VS100

Track: Under the Sun
Artist: Kini Quartet
Album: Waiata: Maori Showbands, Balladeers & Pop Stars
Composer: Margarette Raggette
Label: EMI 50999 6802952

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