6 Nov 2022

Blue Smoke: Covers

From Blue Smoke, 8:00 pm on 6 November 2022

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Jae Epae

Jae Epae Photo: Audioculture

Perhaps thinking of the cover bands of the 1970s, the human jukeboxes and the booze barns and musicians since the 80s have turned away from what they call cover versions.

But when Billie Holiday and Joe Cocker do them, they are regarded as interpretations.

The practice of New Zealanders covering songs by other local songwriters has become unusual. This episode of Blue Smoke searches for Kiwis covering Kiwis.

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Music Details 

Artist: Larry Morris 

Track: Slice of Heaven 

Composer: Dave Dobbyn 
Album: Larry Morris Anthology 

Label: Frenzy 


Artist: Jay Epae 

Track: Tumblin’ Down 

Composer: Jay Epae 
Album: Hold On Tight! It’s Jay Epae 

Label: Viking 


Artist: Eddie Lowe 

Track: Blue Smoke 

Composer: Ruru Karaitiana 

Album: Blue Smoke 

Label: RCA 


Artist: Kimbra and Lips 

Track: Not Given Lightly 

Composer: Chris Knox 

Album: Daffodils soundtrack 

Label: Warners NZ 


Artist: Pajama Club 

Track: It’s Love 

Composer: Chris Knox 

Album: Stroke 

Label: Merge 


Artist: Brooke Fraser 

Track: Distant Sun  

Composer: Neil Finn 

Album: She Will Have Her Way 

Label: EMI Australia 


Artist: Claire Holmes 

Track: See Me Go 

Composer: O’Neill-Drumm 

Digital release 


Artist: Tom Sharplin & Ray Woolf 

Track: Love is Bigger than the Whole Wide World 

Composer: Jimmy Hill 

Album: Let’s Sing in the Sunshine 

Label: Rajon 


Artist: Margaret Urlich 

Track: Slipping Away  

Composer: Max Merritt 

Album: Second Nature

Label:  Thom Marketing


Artist: Tex Pistol 

Track: The Ballad of Buckskin Bob 

Composer: Lez White 

Album: Nobody Else 

Label: Pagan