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Small jazz groups, musical comedy acts and cabaret.

Part one
From left: Lou and Simon, Neketini Brass; Toni Williams, Ashley Clinton - Sheep's Choir.

Music Details Combos & Comedians:

Track: Leave My Instrument Alone (aka You Played on My Piano)
Artist: Noel McKay
Album: Bold n Blue
Composer: unknown
Label: Horizon HZ67

Track: Undecided
Artist: Bob Bradford Big Band
Album: Big Band Bombshell: Live at the Carlton
Composer: Shavers-Robin
Label: Tandem TRS 102

Track: A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody
Artist: Paul Lestre Group
Album: A Night at the Hi Diddle Griddle
Composer: Berlin
Label: Stebbing SLP 1003

Track: Lullaby in Birdland
Artist: Paul Lestre Group
Album: A Night at the Hi Diddle Griddle
Composer: Shearing
Label: Stebbing SLP 1003

Track: Boogie Blues
Artist: Mavis Rivers
Cassette tape: Auckland Jazz Concert 1950
Composer: Krupa-Biondi
Label: Ode Sodet 467

Track: Fred’s Blues
Artist: Five Sons of Fred, aka Climax Blues Band
Album: private recording (from 1965 Tauranga Jazz Festival)
Composer: Fred-Ashby
Label: PR236

Track: A Moi De Payer
Artist: King Pins, with Keith Harris
45rpm single
Composer: Sidney Bechet
Label: Octagon Oct 043

Track: Five Spot After Dark
Artist: Bruce Morley Sextet
Album: Tauranga Second National Jazz Festival
Composer: Benny Golson
Label: – TNJF 501

Track: Hinemoa and Tutanekai
Artist: Paul Walden
EP: No Moa!
Composer: Wally Chamberlain
Label: HMV 7EGM 6089

Track: Did You Hear About Jerry’
Artist: Kahu Pineaha
45rpm single
Composer: Burgess
Label: Top Rank 45JAR400

Track: Aku Taku Tane (My Man)
Artist: Will Crummer (with Maria Ames) and the Royal Rarotongans
Album: Love Songs of Polynesia
Composer: Will Crummer
Label: Viking VP110

Track: Limbo Bossa Nova Disafinado
Artist: Fowler Buchanan Quintet
45rpm single
Composer: unknown
Label: Peak OK129

Track: Bongo Train
Artist: Rod Derrett
45rpm single
Composer: Derrett
Label: Zodiac Z45 1062

Track: Song of India
Artist: Slavemasters
45rpm single
Composer: Rimsky-Korsakov
Label: HMV HR51

Track: Gaily off to School
Artist: Lois Monteath 
45rpm single
Composer: Monteath
Label: Viking VE 132

Track: Personality/A Teenager in Love
Artist: Terry Crayford Trio
EP: Hit Tunes in Honky Tonk
Composer: Logan-Price/Pomus-Shuman
Label: Kiwi SA1

Track: Here is Cham
Artist: Gene Pitney
Archive radio jingle
Composer: unknown
Source: Spectrum archive, RNZ Wellington

Track: The Parkwood Twist
Artist: Neville Chamberlain
45rpm single
Composer: J. Bozeman
Label: HMV HR 175 (1962)

Track: The Way She Handled the Clutch
Artist: Bas Tubert and the Hubcaps
45rpm single
Composer: Avery
Label: Kiwi SA34

Track: A Maori Car (A-Me-Ri-Ca
Artist: Lou and Simon
45rpm single
Composer: Bernstein
Label: Red Rooster RR1

Track: Maori Medley (E Rere Taku  Poi/Hoki Hoki Tonu Mai)
Artist: Lou and Simon
Album: Lou and Simon Sing Maori Songs
Composer: trad/Tomoana
Label: Red Rooster RPE4

Track: Me He Manu Rere
Artist: Nick Nicholson and Neketini Brass
Album: Nick Nicholson and Neketini
Composer: trad
Label: HMV CSDM 6264

Track: E Puritai Tama
Artist: Daphne Walker and George Tumahai
Album: New Zealand Maori Songs
Composer: Tahiwi
Label: Viking VP109

Track: Now is the Hour
Artist: Maori Hi Five
EP: Hi Five Tamoure
Composer: Scott-Kaihau
Label: HMV 7EGM 6074

Track: Tik-A-Tee Tik-A-Tay
Artist: Silvio De Pra
EP: Spotlight on Silvio De Pra
Composer: Gaetano Lama
Label: Zodiac EPZ118

Track: Cabaret
Artist: Toni Williams 
Composer: Kander-Ebb
Album: The Late Show
Label: Zodiac ZLP 1035

Track: Scotch and Soda
Artist: the Coachmen
EP: The Coachmen Play It Cool
Composer: Gard
Label: Octagon Oct 040
Coachmen – Scotch and Soda (Gard)
Track: Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Lonesome Road
Artist: Michael Parker
45rpm single
Composer: trad
Label: HMV HR 155

Track: Gumboot Tango
Artist: Ash Burton and the Nightcaps
45rpm single
Composer: Avery
Label: Kiwi SA28

Track: Now is the Hour
Artist: Ashley Clinton Sheep’s Choir
EP: Ashley Clinton Sheep’s Choir
Composer: Clement Scott/Maewa Kaihau
Label: Kiwi SB-1