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1) Thelonious Monk’s Quartet play his tune Blue Monk from Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall on BLUENOTE 35174

2) Brian Lynch plays his own tune Unsung Blues from Unsung Heroes on HOLLISTIC MUSICWORKS HMW1

3) Alan Brown Trio plays Brown’s tune Chalie’s Here from Live at KMC on BLUETRAIN BTCD121

4) Roger Manins plays his tune Blues For Marty White from Latitude on RUFUS RF096

5) Gary Smulyan plays his tune Blues for D P from Smul’s Paradise on CAPRI #74113

6) The Troubles play Lucien Johnson’s Breadline Blues from The Troubles on RATTLE RAT-J-10102012

7) Charles Mingus plays his tune Slop from Shoes Of The Fisherman’s Wife on CBS 460822