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Monday 11 February: Best of Composer of the Week 2012

(6) Elizabeth Kerr looks at the ideological and musical contributions of John Cage (1912-1992)

Wednesday 13 February: The Age of Reason

How has the world changed for women? Six inspiring octogenarians look back.

Six programmes

(1) Vigdis Finnbogadittor

The Nordic countries have led the way in women's equality. Vigdis Finnbogadottir was Iceland’s president for 16 years, from 1980 to 1996.

Now aged 82 she talks to Jenni Murray about the fight for women's equality. She explains why Icelandic women take "days off" to highlight the pay gap, why the country had a women's political party and whether the advances made by women in Iceland can be exported to the rest of the world. She also discusses the boom and bust - was Iceland brought low by a group of men known as the Neo-Vikings and would women have made a better job of running the economy? (BBC)

See the BBC website for this programme

Thursday 14 February: Song of America

This 13-part series presented by Thomas Hampson examines connections between poetry, music, history and culture from the perspective of classic American song

(7) Champions of American Song

Over the course of the 20th century, American classical singers were enthusiastic advocates for songs by American composers. In this programme, we hear the music they brought to far-flung audiences through recitals, phonograph records, and radio broadcasts (WFMT)

See the Song of America website for this programme.

Friday 15 February: 2012 Gramophone Awards

Best Recital Recording

HANDEL: O Lord, whose mercies numberless, from Saul; The raptured soul, from Theodora; Yet, I can hear that dulcet lay, from The Choice of Hercules; Destructive war; ARNE: Vengeance, O come inspire me!, from Alfred; CPE BACH: Sinfonia No 1 in D Wq183/1; GLUCK: Ah non turbi il mio riposo, from Telemaco; Dance of the Blessed Spirits; Che puro ciel!; Ahimè! Dove trascorsi?; Che farò senza Euridice?, from Orpheus & Euridice - Iestyn Davies (countertenor), Arcangelo/Jonathan Cohen (dir) (Hyperion CDA 67924)