14 Mar 2020

Live: RURA at WOMAD 2020

From the collecton Womad

RURA Photo: supplied

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RURA are the popular, multi award winning ensemble at the forefront of 21st Century Scottish folk music.

Widley recognised as one of Scotland’s most powerful traditional groups their music is inspired by themes of belonging, heritage and a sense of place, their performances known for stirring, fiery, euphoric energy.

The groups entrancing instrumentals blend fiddle, Highland pipes, flute, guitar, keyboards and bodhran.

Celebrating a decade playing together by the time they took to the Dell Stage at WOMAD 2020 they were in fine form and were warmly embraced by a large enthusiastic audience that clearly were already fans.

Song Titles: Decade, The Smasher, Dark Reel, In Praise of Home, Day One, Catriona’s, Jigs, Lasher, Horizons Part 1, Horizons Part 2, The Glorious 45, Lust.

Recorded and produced by William Saunders for RNZ Music