13 Mar 2020

Live: KermesZ à l’Est at WOMAD 2020

From the collecton Womad
Kermesz A L’Est

Kermesz A L’Est Photo: Photo Supplied

Belgian band KermesZ à l’Est have established a cult reputation for projecting a loud and innovative fusion of Balkan melodies, metal, rock, electro and free jazz.

As the opening act on the TSB Bowl stage, the Belgians unique repertoire and hilarious stage antics enthused an intrigued audience resulting in a sweaty and supercharged show sparkling with energy.

Song Titles: 'St Rufus Me','Sadovsko', 'Kasapsko', 'Elizedra', 'Politiko', 'Bittolsko', 'Narel', 'Hora Nirvant', 'Hora Din', 'Hassadkos', 'Halacicirba', 'Calisul', 'Surakind'.

Recorded live and produced by Steve Burridge for RNZ Music

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