15 Mar 2019

Live: My Baby at WOMAD 2019

From the collecton Womad
Vocalist Cato van Dijck

Vocalist Cato van Dijck Photo: Supplied

A swamp-blues rock trio called My Baby who are based in Amsterdam and include a Kiwi guitarist had their audience up and dancing at WOMAD 2019 in Taranaki.

Titles: 'Seeing Red', 'Uprising', 'Borderline', 'In The Club', 'Mounaiki', 'Love Dance', 'Sun Flower Sutra', 'Electrified', 'For A Change', 'Vigilante', 'Shadow Dancer', 'Remedy', 'Make A Hundred'

My Baby has just three musicians - guitarist and vocalist Cato van Dijck, her brother Joost on drums and New Zealander Daniel Johnston on guitar. Johnston uses a chain of effects, creating loops that he processes with a never ending array of sounds that totally enhance the band's music. 

My Baby trio

My Baby trio Photo: Supplied

All three are extremely competent musicians who've established a strong reputation and fan base, performing material from a repertoire of four albums. The band clearly relishes the Kiwi connection because this is not their first visit to Aotearoa.

With their blend of dance-orientated roots, blues and funk with touches of world music they come across as a confident well-oiled machine that is obviously the product of constant touring.

In many respects WOMAD could be said to be stretching the boundaries of ‘world-music’ by booking bands like My Baby. But in terms of building a brand by attracting a young audience each year, the organisers are right on the money.

Playing at 8.30 on the Saturday night saw My Baby attract a crowd that responded in kind to the energy coming off the TSB Bowl Stage. 

Cato van Dijck & Daniel Johnston

Cato van Dijck & Daniel Johnston Photo: Supplied

My Baby at the TSB Bowl, New Plymouth was recorded live and produced by Graham Kennedy for RNZ Music