17 Mar 2018

Live: Chico Trujillo at WOMAD 2018

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Chico Trujillo from Chile

Chico Trujillo from Chile Photo: Supplied

Chico Trujillo, a nine-piece band from Chile, is considered one of that country's most enduring orchestras.

Music reviewer Nick Bollinger says of this performance that Chico Trujillo are: "that other Womad staple – the party band. They started with a furious rush of energy, the combination of horns and rhythm section pulling towards a ska feel. But they ultimately settled into a more relaxed and compelling cumbia groove." Listen for yourself:

The songs performed are: 'Gran Pecador', 'Medallita', 'Loca', 'Y si no fuera', 'Sin Excusas', 'Varga Varga', 'Dolor', 'Chatito', 'Abajo del bote', 'La escoba', 'A Mi Negra', 'La Cura del espantz'
Chico Trujillo began as a high energy punk band before discovering that they had a mutual affection for Cumbia music – a musical form from Columbia .

Mixing their own brand of new Chilean Cumbia with a hint of bolero, ska, Latin-American and Balkan beats has seen Chico Trujillo embraced by audiences from every generation and every walk of life, and the audience waiting for them to appear on the TSB Stage at the beautiful Bowl of Brooklands was no exception.

Chico Trujillo at Womad

Chico Trujillo at Womad Photo: Supplied

Recorded by William Saunders. Mixed and Produced by Darryl Stack for RNZ Music

Chico Trujillo

Chico Trujillo Photo: Supplied