18 Mar 2017

Live: Oumou Sangaré at WOMAD 2017

From the collecton Womad

Oumou Sangaré is a wassoulou musician from Bamako, Mali, sometime referred to as "The Songbird of Wassoulou."

Reviewer Nick Bollinger said:  "Over the years, WOMAD has hosted nearly all the biggest stars of West Africa. This year it was singer and women’s rights champion Oumou Sangaré. Her voice is beautiful, her dancers spectacular (is this the ancient African art of twerking?), and her band extremely tight... "

Recorded and produced by Darryl Stack for RNZ Music

Music Details:

Titles: 'Kounkoun', 'Kamelemba', 'Kounarba', 'Bena Bena', 'Djoukourou', 'Minata Waraba', 'Mogoya', 'Bere Faga', 'Fadjamou', 'Bala'