A roundup of Radio New Zealand's arts and culture contributors 'best ofs' for 2014.

At The Movies for 18 December 2014

simon morris x portraitjavascript:void(0)On the final At The Movies of the year, Simon Morris looks back over a year of film: from Oscar winner 12 Years A Slave to the big trends of 2014.

It was a year of big, if shaky, franchises, a lot of films about music-makers and the belated discovery that teenagers weren't the only ones going to the cinema.

2014 Reviewed - Movies with Simon Morris

Radio New Zealand's film reviewer and presenter of At the Movies, Simon Morris, talks to Wallace about star power and poses the critical question - do you have to be good-looking to be a superstar?

Film review with Sarah McMullan

Sarah McMullan unveils her movies of the year.

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Radio New Zealand's music, arts and culture contributors recommend their picks of the best of:

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