19 Jul 2019

It Was All on Account of the Dog - by Barbara Uini

From the collecton Short Stories

It Was All On Account of the Dog, was begun with no pre-prepared outline or any real idea of what the story was about. `It kept me guessing what would happen next right up until the final word.` It includes some memories from the writer`s childhood, such as the birth of the calf on a dark and stormy night.

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Photo: Barbara Uini

Barbara Uini is a writer, artist and illustrator. She lives in Auckland with her five adult children, one adult husband, two cats, and a dog. Barbara has a BA in English, History and Māori Studies, and a Masters of Creative Writing. She studied illustration at art school in Australia and received an award for excellence.  She is currently working on an historical novel set in 1830s Sāmoa.

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