Read by Stuart Devenie

A stunning reading of the epic novel in verse by the poet Zireaux where Archady, a disenfranchised and disenchanted artist and husband, lays claim to a tiny island off the coast of New Zealand.

Produced by Adam Macaulay and engineered by Phil Brownlee and Phil Benge for Radio New Zealand

Res Publica
Published Immortal Muse
ISBN 9780473131937

Zireaux is an Auckland-based writer and keen observer of New Zealand society. In the Sunday Star Times a reviewer said: “ … Zireaux’s rhymes have a twinkling ingenuity not unworthy of Byron, W.S Gilbert or Cole Porter … (he) captivates with a singular charm.”

The reader Stuart Devenie is a master craftsman when it comes to telling a story. Devenie is one of New Zealand’s most sought after stage actors bringing a remarkable depth of talent and experience to all his work.