Formal Complaints

Making a Formal Complaint

To complain about something online

To complain about news and current affairs item on our website, you must do so in writing, either by using our online complaint form or by writing to our Chief Executive at PO Box 123 Wellington 6140.

A formal complaint must:

  • nominate the item
  • nominate which of the principles you think were breached
  • set out why you think they were breached

The full principles are contained in the Media Council's Statement of Principles. Your complaint must reach RNZ within one calendar month of the item's publication.

If you are not happy with our response to your complaint, you can refer it to the Media Council. You must do that within 10 working days of receiving our reply.


Your complaint:

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  1. Which principles do you think have been breached? (Select as many as apply.)