RNZ On Social Media

RNZ On Social Media

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RNZ is active on social media Photo: RNZ/Michael Greenfield

RNZ on Facebook

Our main Facebook account can be found here. You can also follow RNZ News, RNZ Concert, RNZ Music and RNZ International.

Programmes on Facebook include Checkpoint with John Campbell, Nights, Our Changing World, Jesse Mulligan 1-4, Te Ahi Kaa, This Way Up, and RNZ Drama.

RNZ on Twitter

On Twitter, our accounts include @radionz, @rnz_news, @RNZSport, @RNZInews, @thewirelessnz, @rnzconcert,

Programmes on Twitter include Te Manu Korihi, Morning Report, Nine to Noon, Jesse Milligan 1-4, Checkpoint with John Campbell, Nights, Te Ahi Kaa, Our Changing World, Insight, Saturday Morning, This Way Up, Music 101, Sunday Morning, Mediawatch and Widescreen,

You can also follow @RNZ_Chch, @RadioNZOtago, @Radionz_HB and @rnz_birds.

RNZ on Instagram

We share snaps on Instagram as RNZ, RNZ music and The Wireless.

RNZ on You Tube

You can find all our videos on You Tube, including news and current affairs, and live music.  

If you wish to contact the people behind our social media, you can email.

The twitter account at @radionz is used to tweet links to interesting content across all of Radio NZ, and to respond to enquries.

It is maintained by the following people:

^MW - Megan Whelan

Megan is our Community Engagement Editor.

^LM - Leilani Momoisea

Leilani is our Community Engagement Producer