30 Aug 2021

Loading Docs 2021: The Weedfish

From Loading Docs 2021 (Season 8), 6:00 am on 30 August 2021

Series Classification: G (General Programmes)

The hunt for an elusive fish in New Zealand’s disappearing kelp forests sends two marine scientists on a deep underwater dive. 

Our waters are under threat. In a bold attempt to defend them, two marine researchers and photographers embark on a wild search for the Crested Weedfish. The goal, capture a powerful photo of the rarely-seen fish before its home is damaged beyond repair.

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Photo: Crispin Middleton

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Photo: Irene Middleton

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Photo: Crispin Middleton

Team Bios

Matt Silcock (Director)

Matt Silcock

Matt Silcock Photo: Yarn Creative

Matt is a filmmaker from Auckland with a background in commercial film and photography.

He has produced and directed films for many businesses and NGOs around NZ. Following his passion for adventure and diving he has gained extensive underwater videography experience and is using his work as a medium to promote conservation and sustainability with a particular focus on ocean conservation.

Aart van Dijk (Director)

Aart van Dijk

Aart van Dijk Photo: Supplied

Aart is a filmmaker and director with a passion for the planet. His focus lies on stories about conservation.

He is always looking for stories that help to interest a broader audience in this theme through personal stories that cross bridges with other areas like music, sports and arts.

He has worked with various NGOs and social entrepreneurs working on sustainable societal changes. Aart is an experienced underwater cinematographer and has a particular love for stories about the deep.

Zoe-Rose Herbert (Producer)

Zoe-Rose Herbert

Zoe-Rose Herbert Photo: Supplied

With a background in marine biology and a love for wildlife Zoe-Rose has turned her efforts towards science communication to help bridge the gap between science and general knowledge.

In the 5 years since this shift, Zoe-Rose has created a well-established network within both the filmmaking and science communities NZ-wide.

Cutting her teeth by directing and producing Doc Edge selected, ‘The Lonely Animal Friendship Society’ (2015) and researching on others like NZ co-production ‘We need to Talk about AI’ and the latest from Oscar Kightley’s ‘Dawn Raid’, Zoe-Rose aims to continue sharing amazing knowledge with the world through her work.

The Weedfish is part of a collection of eight Loading Docs short documentaries.

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Photo: Supplied

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