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From Inside Outside, 12:45 pm on 25 November 2020

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It can often be difficult to understand the world from the point of view of another person, especially if that person is disabled, has a chronic health condition or is mentally unwell. Their avenues for self-expression are often limited to one-on-one conversations with peers, parents, support groups or their immediate social circle. Inside Outside is an opportunity for those with a disability to tell their stories from their point of view. A video blog that allows disabled kiwi youth an avenue to share their own stories; about their condition, what it means to them, how it affects their lives and their immediate family and friends.

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Attitude. Photo: Attitude Pictures

Attitude is a production company that seeks to amplify the voices of people with disabilities. 1 in 4 kiwis live with a disability and are often left out of the social change conversation, yet they have some of the best stories. See more examples of lived experiences that will challenge your perspective on life with a disability.

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