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Katy Atkin talks podcasts with Jesse Mulligan every month on Afternoons. Here are the podcasts she's recommended over the past two years.




Gangster Capitalism (C13 Originals)

Follow the riveting true stories of business, crime, culture, sports, politics and more in this original series. https://www.gangstercapitalism.com/


For the kids: Overheard (National Geographic) and Two Princes (Gimlet)

The world is full of wild, wacky and wonderful moments in nature. Experience the best of them with the team from National Geographic in Overheard.



This Land - Crooked Media and Death: a podcast about love, grief and hope (Newshub)

Talking about death is often considered a taboo in New Zealand. Follow kiwi podcast Death as they explore what goes unsaid as we try to cope with death.



Running from Cops - Dan Taberski (Headlong)

COPS has been a staple television feature in American households for three decades. But the relationship between the police and the media often goes undiscussed. Running from Cops delves into the phenomena behind a much larger problem.



Against the Rules - Michael Lewis (Puskin Industries)

What happened to fairness? Journalist and bestselling author Michael Lewis takes a look at where we find fairness in life - from the basketball to the financial market - and why we love to hate it.



Without Fail - Alex Blumberg (Gimlet)

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin: so journey with Gimlet founder Alex Blumberg through the wins and losses in the world, and what it's like to fail.



Blackout - Rami Malek

If all electronic devices failed tomorrow, what would society do next? Actor/director Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody, Mr Robot) explores the possibilities as he discusses a world in which the radio is the only salvation.



Who the hell is Hamish (The Australian)

Explore the lives of serial conman Hamish Watson, and journey through his different personas that made him millions.



Stay Free - The Story of The Clash (Spotify)

As one of the UK's most prolific rock bands, The Clash had their fair share of stories during their time of fame. Public Enemy frontman Chuck D narrates the best of them in this eight-part series.



Aria Code (NY Opera)

From some of the most famous operas come some of the best stories of the US music industry. Each episode explores a single singer, and delves into the magic behind their success and what keeps them iconic. Hosted by Grammy Award-winner Rhiannon Giddens, and produced in partnership with The Metropolitan Opera.



All Hail Kale (BBC Sounds)

What foods are super, and which are slack? Investigate which foods and lifestyles are full of hot air, and which will float the boat.






Best return - Serial: S03

After two ripping seasons, Serial: S03 returns for another story. A woman is slapped on the butt at a bar. So why is she in jail?



Most impact - Teacher's Pet (The Australian newspaper)

A beautiful marriage abruptly ends when Lyn Dawson goes missing, prompting the police to investigate. A story of teenage lovers, a likely murder and a strange brotherly bond make Teacher's Pet a must.



Best episode - Articles of Interest  (99% Invisible)

The clothing industry is a worldwide behemoth, which is why Articles of Interest explores the best - and some of the worst - of it.



Best newcomer - Slow Burn (Slate)

Political history is often confined to obscurity, but Slate's Slow Burn explores the strange - and often surprising - parallels in the current political landscape. Watergate, Clinton's impeachment, all is revealed in Slow Burn.



Best kids podcast  - Brains On!

Award-winning podcast Brains On! offers kids an opportunity to explore their questions about the world. Each week, a new kid joins Molly Bloom to answer the questions they have about everything that makes them curious.



Other recommendations from 2018


El Chapo - (Vice)

After three decades of waiting, El Chapo's trial has the world watching on. Follow Vice's journey across the United States and Mexico as they interview the people who suffered under El Chapo's reign.



Gladiator: The Aaron Hernadez story - (Wondery)

Aaron Hernandez was an up-and-coming American football star, until his violent crimes caught up to him. Was Hernandez a perpetrator, or a victim of a vicious social spiral? The Boston Globe's Spotlight team looks at his life, and the problems facing American football.



Grove Road (Newshub)

The murder of Arthur Easton in 1985 shook Auckland, and the arrest of a man with neither answers nor alibi made New Zealanders question the system, and the truth about what happened on Grove Road.



The Dream (Little Everywhere and Stitcher)

Multi-level marketing - or pyramid schemes - are often sold as the path to success. Stitcher's The Dream investigates the journey from dream to scheme, and why the're so popular.



Dr Death (Wondery)

Neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch was a confident, capable doctor with a miracle touch. But soon the miracle fixes began to unravel, and his patients began to experience difficulties. The system that had first helped them now failed them, and Dr. Death explores where - and why - it went wrong.



Last Seen (wbur)

On March 18, 1990, 13 pieces of artwork valued at half a billion dollars were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in a daring art heist. Delve into the story behind the unsolved crime that fascinated the art world, and just how the thieves got away with it.



Happy Face (Stuff You Should Know)

Perpetrating a murder spree that rocked a nation, the Happy Face serial killer established a notoriety as one of the most prolific serial killers of the United States. Now, his daughter appears on the Happy Face podcast to tell her story, and what it was like living with a serial killer.



Wrong Skin - (The Age)

When a young couple - in a love forbidden over race - race elope together in the wet season of 1994, they leave their small-town community asking questions. Then, when a body is found with no signs of the other lover, the community needed those questions answered.



I, Survivor (Wondery)

Listen to the true stories of people who survived the very worst encounters in life - and lived. I, Survivor explores these scenarios, and the limit of human endurance.



Gone Fishing (RNZ and Stuff)

Radio New Zealand and Stuff partner up to explore the true story of Gail Maney, who was sent to prison for a murder she denied ever committing.



Sandra  (Gimlet media)

Helen always wanted to leave her hometown and explore the world, so when she gets the job of working with artificial intelligence, Sandra, she's ecstatic. But the reality of working with the world's favourite AI isn't at all what it seems.



The Habitat (Gimlet media)

In this podcast, Mars is colonised by humans. Well, not quite. Follow the story of six volunteers, as they live as astronauts on 'Mars' - an imitative habitat built by NASA in the remote mountains of Hawaii. The human condition is observed, as NASA plan for the day the mock-up becomes a reality.



Tales - (Parcast)

No Disney here: Tales explores the true, unadulterated fairy tales of old. No punches are pulled as host Vanessa Richardson explores the authentic, visceral renditions of our favourite fairytales.



The Assassination - (BBC World Service)

The investigation into the death of Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto shocked the world. The Assassination dives into the story of how she was killed, plus the mysterious disappearance of witnesses, the network of corruption and the death of the first woman to lead a Muslim nation.



When Meghan met Harry (Panoply)

The wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is being heralded as the greatest wedding of all time. This podcast explores the best news, rumours and details in the high-profile relationship between actor and royalty, and unwraps the full story in the run-up to the wedding.



The Tip Off  (Buzzfeed)

From some of the greatest investigative journalism in recent years comes The Tip Off: a podcast that delves into the exciting scoops that changed the world.



This is love - (from the makers of criminal)

From loneliness to love and back again, This Is Love explores the journey that is love, and how to win, lose and everything in between.



A Very Fatal Murder - (The Onion)

In classic The Onion fashion, this satirical true-crime podcast explores the murder of Nebraska prom queen Hayley Price. Truly, an ode to the true crime podcast genre.



The Walk  (Panoply)

In this simulatory, intensive thriller, the listener is the protagonist. Set in Scotland, you (aka "Walker") must deliver a vital package that could save the world. But cars, buses and other modes of transport are rendered inactive, and walking is your only option. Hot tip: listen to this podcast while walking.



The Remarkable Life and Tragic Death of Sonny Fai (NZME)

The budding career of rising league star Sonny Fai was tragically cut short when he drowned in a rip off the coast of Bethell Beach, Auckland. The Remarkable Life and Tragic Death of Sonny Fai delves into his life, his death, and what would have been for the rising league star.





Dirty John  (LA times)

From his university days, John Meehan had been branded with the nickname 'Dirty John.' This podcast explores how he came into the namesake, after his mysterious past catches up to him. Exploring a life shrouded in blackmail, drugs, lies and eventually death, Dirty John covers the life of Meehan through the lens of his wife Debra, right to the bitter end.



Black Hands - a family mass murder (Stuff)

Who killed the Bain family? The story of New Zealand's most famous mass murder is a divisive one, and Black Hands explores every motive, possibility and mystery.



Homecoming - series 2 (Gimlet)

Set in an experimental facility, this story of a case worker and her patients is an immersive journey told through phone calls, therapy sessions and overheard conversations.



Healthy or Hoax (RNZ)

Carol Hirschfeld looks at the latest food & fitness trends to discover what's good for you and what's gobbledygook. In short: Do they work?



Boners of the Heart

Kiwi comedians Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden explore the best of Hollywood in this comedic podcast.



Ear Hustle (San Quentin Prison)

This podcast covers the realities of life inside prison, through the voices of people who've experienced it first-hand.



Masters of Scale (Reid Hoffman)

Co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman explores the run companies take from concept to fruition, with what works and what doesn't. Masters of Scale is the first American media program to commit to gender balance for guests.



Up and Vanished (Esther Perrell)

Investigative journalism podcast Up and Vanished guides you through the cases of people who went missing without a trace.



S-Town  (Serial/NPR)

An investigative reporter investigates rumours of murder and privilege, before becoming embroiled in a hunt for treasure, a serious feud and more bloodshed.



Rookie  (Rookie Magazine)

Rookie interviews admirable people, and discusses with them topics like creativity, feminism, culture, love and more.



Missing Richard Simmons (Headlong)

One day, popular fitness guru Richard Simmons disappeared from the face of the Earth. Missing Richard Simmons explores what could have happened to Richard Simmons, and what might have caused his disappearance.



Desert Island Discs (BBC Radio 4)

Armed with only eight music tracks, a book and a luxury item, the guests of this podcast share what they would be taking to help them survive as a real life Castaway.



The Daily (NY Tmes)

The Daily, the New York Times' daily podcast highlights newsworthy stories, people and places, and explores the reality of politics, world news and domestic events (USA).





Soundtracking (BBC)

In this podcast, Edith Bowman talks to a variety of actors, directors, composers and produces and explores the way they incorporate music into their films.




An unlikely partnership was sprung between award-winning columnist Steven D. Levitt and journalist Stephen J. Dubner after a joint project, and together they would go on to produce a best-selling novel on science, politics, society and more. They then launched an audio podcast of the same name.



Song Exploder

Musicians dissect some of their personal favourite songs and explain where these songs came from. Stars like U2, Metallica and Björk form a star-studded roster of musicians to grace this podcast.



99% Invisible

The world passes so quickly, which is why 99% Invisible stops and looks at the things we miss. Where do the inflatable men at car lots come from? Who created the first fortune cookie? Join the 99% Invisible team as they journey into the best things we gloss over.



Anatomy of Doubt (This American Life)

The story of a rape investigation gone wrong, Anatomy of Doubt  (ep.581) follows a tale which spread through a community, leading to horrific conesquences. This American Life explores the way of America, and the best, worst and quirkiest things about it.



Here's the Thing (Alec Baldwin)

Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin explores the lives of artists, policy makers and performers. With a lineup including names like Chris Rock, Michael Douglas and political strategist Ed Rollins, Baldwin gives audiences an exclusive look into the side of the biggest and most influential public figures.



Serial - S01

Baltimore, 1999. A high-school senior disappears after class one day, with the blame landing squarely upon her boyfriend. He proclaims his innocence but has no alibi. Explore the mystery surrounding Hae Min Lee's disappearance, and what happened next.




Food and science are tightly interwoven, which is why Gastropod explores why they're so mutually exclusive. Why is cutlery the way it is? What did ancient feasts look like? Join the Gastropod team as they follow the fascinating stories of food.



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