24 Feb 2012

Memorial service held for slain immigrants

1:49 pm on 24 February 2012

A memorial service for those killed by a neo-Nazi cell that targeted immigrants, has been held in Berlin. A moment of silence was also observed throughout Germany.

Around 1200 people joined Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Berlin Concert House on Thursday.

Eight of those killed by the cell had Turkish roots. Another was Greek and one German.

Deutsche Welle Radio reports the cell was discovered in November, when two of the members were found dead in an apparent suicide pact. A third member turned herself in, but is refusing to cooperate with police.

Chancellor Merkel said the murders were a scandal for Germany.

''We will do everything to solve the murders and to bring the perpetrators to justice,'' she promised.

She also asked for forgiveness from the families of those killed.

''No one can erase the mourning and the loneliness,'' she said, referring to the years it took for police to make any headway in solving the murders.

''We can all show you today, that you are no longer alone with your sadness. We feel with you, we mourn with you.''